Newton Bridge Club

at Temple Reyim in West Newton


Monday Afternoons, 2:30 - 4:30 PM, at Temple Reyim, West Newton
10 sessions, Sept 11 - Dec 18 (see below for specific dates)

Learn to be a skillful defender!

We defend 50% of the time when we play Bridge, we are declarer only 25% of the time. Good defense requires more skill and imagination than good declarer play, and as much partnership cooperation as good bidding. This class will cover both the mechanics of defense as well as defensive strategies. We will discuss opening leads, 2nd hand and 3rd hand play as well as overall defensive strategies, defensive signals, communication, giving and getting ruffs, when to hold up and basic defensive inference It will assume some knowledge of basic declarer play technique, but should be accessible to anyone who plays bridge regularly or who has taken some bridge classes.

You will play lots of hands and each hand will be turned up after the play for a review of bidding, play and defense. You will take home handouts with clear explanations and quizzes to reinforce what you just learned. You will also receive copies of every hand played in class with written analysis of the suggested bid, play and defense.

Topics covered will be as follows:

We will probably cover up to Lesson 6 in the Fall, We will cover the remaining topics in the Winter session and practice various hands with Defense problems.


Parul has been a tournament bridge player for the past 8 years, winning several regional championships. She is a professional, ACBL Accredited Bridge Teacher, who specializes in teaching bridge to Beginner and Intermediate students. She has a background in Computer Science and Business Administration.

Class dates:

Monday Afternoons, 2:30-4:30 PM: Dec 18
Sept 11 Nov 6
Sept 18 Nov 13
Sept 25 Nov 20
Oct 2 Nov 27
no class Oct 9 Dec 4
Oct 16 Dec 11
Oct 23
Oct 30
[Note - there are 14 dates scheduled. Plan to have 12-13 classes, plus one makeup date if needed]

Course costs:

12 classes: discounted price = $240 ($20 per class), if paid in advance.
6 classes: $150 ($25 per class) if purchased in advance. Additional classes $25 per class.
Individual classes (drop-in) $30 per class.

To sign up for this course:

Please call Parul Jain at 201-739-6649 to register for the class.
Date and prices are subject to change due to room availability and the number of students.
Bring a check made out to "Parul Jain" to the first class.

NOTE-- Class scheduling and cost is TENTATIVE - exact offerings and schedule is subject to change or cancellation, depending on interest, number of signups, and room availability. If the number of signups is low, we my be forced to increase the cost or cancel the course.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Parul at paruljain at gmail dot com or call her at 201-739-6649.