Newton Bridge Club

at Temple Reyim in West Newton

Introduction to 2/1 Game Force

Tuesday afternoons, 2:30-4:30 PM, at at Temple Reyim, West Newton
8 classes, Sept 12 - Oct 31

'Two Over One' is the new "Standard" in tournament play - these days more tournament players play 2/1 Game force than play Standard American. This course is an introduction to the 2/1 System as it is currently played, describing the forcing NT and related sequences, 2/1 auctions, and the principle of Fast Arrival. We will also cover some conventions which are particularly useful for 2/1 players.
A basic knowledge of Standard American is assumed.

Topics to be covered (subject to revision):

  1. Introduction: 2/1 in a nutshell
  2. The forcing NT response: responding to Major suit openings with minimum hands
  3. More forcing NT responses: responding to Major suit openings with invitational hands
  4. Major suit raises - the principle of fast arrival, the law of total trumps,
    (Jacoby 2NT and Bergen raises)
  5. Minor suit openings: one level responses and continuations
    (including New Minor Forcing and 4th Suit Forcing)
  6. Minor suit raises, and inverted minors
  7. 2/1 auctions
  8. More 2/1 auctions


David Metcalf has been a tournament bridge player for over 25 years, a Gold Life Master and a flight A player, with dozens of regional titles to his credit.
He is a full-time professional, ACBL-certified bridge teacher who has been teaching bridge for over fifteen years. He has taught over a thousand students at all levels of the game. He has also worked as a Computer Science instructor at Boston University, and is a state-certified mathematics teacher.
David is well-known as an ACBL National Tournament Director; and is the owner, manager, and chief director of the Newton Bridge Club.

Class dates:

Tuesday afternoons, 2:30-4:30 PM:
Sept 12 Oct 17
Sept 19 Oct 24
Sept 26 Oct 31
Oct 3 Nov 7
no class Oct 10

Course costs:

# of
1 $30
2 $60
3 $90
4 $120
5 $150
6 $180
7 $200
8 $200

To sign up for this course:

Bring a check for the appropriate amount made out to "David Metcalf" to the first class.

NOTE-- Class scheduling and cost is TENTATIVE - exact offerings and schedule is subject to change or cancellation, depending on interest, number of signups, and room availability. If the number of signups is low, we my be forced to increase the cost or cancel the course.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at david at newtonbridge dot com or call me at 617-332-3813.