Newton Bridge Club


We are delighted to invite you to our Grand Reopening in Wellesley on Tuesday, June 1!
We’re joining forces with Westwood Bridge Club to provide a better bridge experience for all of our players.


When: Tuesday and Friday, June 1 and 4, at 12:00
Where: at the Italo American Educational Club, 75 Pleasant Street, Wellesley

This schedule is for the first week only -- this is most definitely a work in progress.
The times and days of future games is still undecided. But it is a start!

We look forward to offering more games, multiple flights, classes, supervised play, and more.
With the combined resources of both clubs, the sky's the limit!


The Italo American Educational Club in Wellesley has a large pleasant and comfortable space, and ample off-street parking.
Best of all, it is only six minutes West of Route 128 (I-95) on route 9

Directions: The Italo American Educational Club, 75 Pleasant Street, Wellesley, is just off route 9, six minutes from route 128.

What about COVID???

For everyone’s safety and peace of mind, all participants must have received the full recommended dose(s) of an approved COVID-19 vaccine 14 days before playing.
So we can assure you that everyone is fully vaccinated, please bring us your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or some other proof of vaccination. (We’ll keep a list — we’ll only ask to see your card the first time.)

Also, there will be no eating in the playing area for now.
You might want to have a snack or a light lunch before the game to tide you over to 3:00.

The new CDC guidelines and Massachusetts regulations do not require fully-vaccinated people to wear masks for indoor gatherings, but feel free to do so if it makes you more comfortable.

David Metcalf, club manager and director

email: david [AT] newtonbridge [DOT] com
phone: 617-332-3813