Newton Bridge Club ON-LINE

As of April 1, Newton Bridge Club has gone on-line until further notice.
All games will be held on
Be well, be safe, be healthy, and hope to see you all "in real life" again soon.

Big Online Bridge News

We are excited to announce that The Newton Bridge Club has joined with the Bridge Spot and other Boston area clubs to form "OneWorld BOSTON", an online bridge club for all!

What does this mean for you?
  • Many More Games, including 99er, 299er, and 499er games
  • More Evening Games
  • Lots More Tables
  • Bushels of Masterpoints
  • More Fun

Please visit: where you will find all of the latest info for our games.

All games will be held on
All games are stratified
All games award masterpoints
All games play 18 boards, and are about 2 hours long

David Metcalf, club manager and director

email: david [AT] newtonbridge [DOT] com
phone: 617-332-3813