Newton Bridge Club

at Temple Reyim in West Newton

Modern No Trump Bidding

Monday Afternoons, 2:15 - 4:15 PM, at Temple Reyim, West Newton
8 sessions, Oct 28 - Dec 16 (see below for specific dates)

Everyone "knows" how to respond when partner opens 1NT. ...Or do they?
Do you know what to do with both majors?
What do you do with a long minor suit?
How do you suggest a slam?
What do you do if (when!) the opponents interfere?

There is more to 1NT auctions than you think.
Learn not just the basic responses, but how to bid more complicated hands, and what to do later in the auction.
We will learn not only responses, but also later continuations.
AND we will discuss what to do when pesky opponents get in the way.

Per request, the final two classes in the series will cover various doubles.
Learn (or review) the difference between takeout, negative, and penalty doubles!

I plan to cover:

Oct 28
Bidding 5-4 hands with both majors, using Stayman
Nov 4
Bidding hands containing minor suits: weak hands and invitational hands.
Nov 11
Bidding hands containing minor suits: game forcing and slam invitational hands.
Nov 18
Bidding or inviting slams after partner opens 1NT or 2NT. Using Gerber/Blackwood to ask for Aces.
Nov 25
Slam bidding after NT opening bid, Using 4NT and 5NT to invite slam (Quantitative Invite).
Dec 2
Bidding slams after using Stayman and Transfer bids.
Dec 9
Doubles: Penalty, Takeout, and Power Double
Dec 16
Negative Doubles

You will "learn by doing" by playing lots of hands each class.
We will turn up each hand after play and review it for bidding, play, and defense while it is still fresh in your mind.
At each class, handouts will be provided with clear explanations and exercise sheets to reinforce what you just learned.
You will receive copies of every hand played in class with written analysis of the suggested bid, play and defense.


Parul has been a tournament bridge player for the past 13 years, winning several district and regional championships. She is a professional, ACBL Accredited Bridge Teacher, who specializes in teaching bridge to Beginner and Intermediate students. She has a B.S. in Computer Science and did her MBA from Case Western Reserve University. She worked for VISA and Smucker's among other Fortune 500 companies.

Class dates:

Monday Afternoons, 2:15-4:15 PM:
Oct 28 Nov 25
Nov 4 Dec 2
Nov 11 Dec 9
Nov 18 Dec 16

Course costs:

(if paid on the first day):
8 classes $200
7 classes $180
6 classes $160
5 classes $135
4 classes $110
3 classes $85
2 classes $60
1 class $30

Individual classes (drop-in) $30 per class.

To sign up for this course:

Please email Parul at paruljain at gmail dot com or call her at 201-739-6649.
Date and prices are subject to change due to room availability and the number of students.
Bring a check made out to "Parul Jain" to the first class.

NOTE-- Class scheduling and cost is TENTATIVE - exact offerings and schedule is subject to change or cancellation, depending on interest, number of signups, and room availability. If the number of signups is low, we my be forced to increase the cost or cancel the course.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Parul at paruljain at gmail dot com or call her at 201-739-6649.